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Publishing your Family History on the Internet
Richard S. Wilson
VHS Tape 77 min
Price - $15.95


Join the exciting world of global information exchange by learning how to publish your family history on the Internet with this easy-to-follow videotape.

Using the Internet to research and distribute information has become a very important part of the genealogy community. Publishing your family history on the Internet benefits others by providing them with instant access to your research and family pedigree. In return, you’ll benefit from the family history information provided to you by those who visit your web site.

In this video, Richard Wilson – a well-known genealogical and computing lecturer – will walk you through the entire process of publishing your family history on the Internet including:
• How to create your web site
• How to convert your Gedcom files
• Linking to other web sites
• How to get your web site hosted

What could be more exciting than sharing your carefully researched family history with others? The Internet makes it so easy to share information with the global genealogy community and this video makes it so easy to publish your family history on the Internet.