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Identifying & Dating Your Family Photographs
Maureen Taylor
VHS Video 75 min.
Price - $15.95

Heritage Album Tips and Techniques

“When's the last time you looked at your family photographs? I mean really looked. If you're like most people you've spent countless hours looking through shoeboxes of images, but don't know how to tell the story of your pictures or how to identify unnamed portraits.”

In this video Maureen, The Photo Detective, will teach you how to examine your pictures and discover more about your family history by uncovering the stories and time periods relating to those precious family treasures.

She also explains how to:
• Identify and organize your family photographs
• Identify types of photographs
• Date an image by identifying the costume and styles
• Preserve original family photographs
• Find pictures of each person on your family tree from 1839 to the present
• Identify your unidentified pictures
• Share pictures with relatives
• Select digital solutions for organizing your photographs