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FamilyRoots Organizer DVD and 2 Charts (BUNDLE 2)
Mary E. Vassel Hill
Chart, DVD
Price - $45.00

FamilyRoots Circle Pedigree Chart

FamilyRoots Organizer DVD

This bundle is for:
1 FamilyRoots Organizer DVD
2 FamilyRoots Circle Pedigree Charts

"FamilyRoots Organizer DVD" is a DVD video on how to organize the information that you find in your genealogy research. Mary Hill emphasizes two points. Genealogy is fun when you can find things you once had and genealogy is frustrating when you canít find what you know you have. She walks the viewer through a process that ensures you can find anything you want at a later date.

FamilyRoots Circle Pedigree Chart
Click Here to view a larger image of the chart

This 9 generation circle 'At-A-Glance' full color, 37"x37" laminated pedigree chart will allow you to simplify the tracking of your ancestral lines.
Allow you to make corrections and is also permanent.
Great gift idea for each family member.

* 9 Generation
* Full color
* Laminated
* Large size 37"x37"
* Easy to hang and use
* Decorative to look at
* Great 'At-A-Glance' aid!